Dark Horizons Universe Games and Prototypes

Download links to official Max Gaming Technologies downloads as well as some trusted community downloads for the Dark Horizons Universe.

Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion (Skunkworks Ultimate Edition)

DOWNLOAD LINK – This file is hosted by Max Gaming Studios.  This is a Skunkworks community modded version of Lore Invasion 2.02. You can visit their forums HERE.

Dark Horizons: Frontier (Unreleased Prototype)

DOWNLOAD LINK – WARNING! This is a prototype space dog fighting game, developed as a proof of concept over 10 years ago, developed by Max Gaming Studios.  There are no bots and it is multiplayer only.  To host a match make sure you have ports 28000-28009 open. Would also suggest testing and adjusting sensitivity for your chosen controller.  Enjoy this piece on DHU history.