Dev Blog #17 – Alternate Timeline

It has been some time since we had a proper update on the continued re-development of the Dark Horizons Universe, and we promised to get back on track. This will be short and sweet!

We had a great team of folks writing on the original Dark Horizons Universe team, and we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be a realistic test ‘kinda’ and how fast we thought that would happen. Since then (2003-2005), we have seen major technical achievements in the real world that have inspired us to create an alternate timeline for the universe that will bring the present day in the universe to the mid-24th century instead of the early 27th century from the Dark Horizons Universe D20 campaign setting.

Though the old timeline will live on via D20 3.5, with our new combat/roleplay system comes a new timeline that has technology accelerating at a much faster velocity.

With what we are seeing with things like military weapons, space travel, and artificial intelligence, we feel in this alternate timeline, we will see the coming of the universe’s technology within the next 100 to 350 years.

As we land in the year 2361, the SOL System has been widely colonized, with Mars now under the control of the Martian Consortium, the Out Belt now ruled over by the Out Belt Coalition, and small skirmishes breaking out all over the system between the factions.

This is where we have a new major faction return to the SOL system and where all the new campaign settings for Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps come into play. Stay tuned for more information..