Dev Blog #12 – How it started-How’s in going?

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How about an actual dev update? We are putting the finishing touches on the playerboards and cards to get ready for a more significant playtesting push.

What is ready?

  • Quickstart Rules – These describe the basic game, clocking in at about six pages (the complete manual is running closer to 40), and introduce you all to the newly minted “x10 Combat System” which we are excited to unveil!
  • Scenario Guide – As I mentioned in that last post, we developed a set of starting scenarios to introduce players to the rules, adding complexity as you progress through the missions.
  • Critical Hit Table Reference Sheet – The core of the extra damage system is our notions of critical hits, a natural max roll (in the x10 system, that’s a nat 10), in addition to automatically hitting the target, also scores additional damage and lasting effects on the unit.
  • Printable miniatures for all the current units- Our artist, Scott Doherty, has been hard at work taking the video game models and creating STL files for all the mechanized units, improving their ability to be printed at the scale we have settled on, which is about 10 mm The scale is not exact, the human-sized figures are 15mm high to make it possible to print them. Concessions to the realities of production and all that.

Without further ado, here are the revised miniatures!

Scott has mounted all the weapons and thickened various supporting and connecting structures on all of the mechanized units. The painted one on the right is a pretty raw export from the DHMC video game, but since the models were meant to have weapon choices mounted in a set-up screen, the original exported mech is kinda naked. Now it’s not!

The drone mechs also got an upgrade with their original mounted weapons from Dark Horizons: Lore.

Scott really did an amazing job and he’s not done yet, we still plan on improving the Easter Confederation models, and probably creating our own hex bases (I am using Reaper miniatures bases here) but these are “good enough” for now.

It’s almost like we are making a game!

More to come, stay tuned! Check out our Instagram page for more pictures!